Lovena Bridal Studio’s in-house seamstress personally designs and hand tailors each custom wedding dress. Drawing on her experience creating, designing and sewing wedding gowns in so many countries including London, Germany, Canada and now Australia. Lovena brides have a unique opportunity to create their dream wedding gown which is thoughtfully designed and tailored to your exact measurements. 

Made to measure wedding dresses

Custom Wedding Dress with Lovena Bridal

Custom Wedding Dress with Lovena Bridal

Before you book an initial appointment, it is important to collect pictures and think about the different elements of your custom wedding dress. Drawing a sketch can be helpful. At this first appointment you will have the opportunity to try on a few sample gowns to get a sense of which style, fabrics and embellishments complement both your body and the theme of your wedding.

Since Narelle and her team follows wedding trends closely and has helped thousands of brides find their dream dress, we can assist with choosing the silhouette, fabrics, satin, laces, crepes, motifs, linings, taffetas, silks and more. We will take measurements of your body and a few photos to help us in the sketching stage.

What does your custom wedding dress look like?




The first toile fitting

Once we have a general concept for the dress, our seamstress will sketch the garment on paper. The second appointment is the toile fitting. This is where white calico is draped and pinned in the silhouette of your dress and we can make fitting adjustments and slight changes before the construction of the gown begins. Narelle will discuss undergarments and make recommendations for corsets or specialised bras, depending on the style of your dress. It is important that after this appointment you aim to keep a steady weight until your wedding day.


The third fitting is very important as you will start to see the bodice and the skirt take shape. This is the last opportunity to make alterations and changes, which is why we encourage you to bring along your shoes, jewellery, veil, headpieces, tiara or other accessories.

Your dress starts to take shape


Depending on your dress, this may be your final fitting, however, most bridal gowns will be nearly completed at this point. During the third fitting we can make small alterations to the hem length and zip or corset placement. Remember to bring along your shoes and undergarments to this appointment as well. Please ensure that you are not still on a weight loss program as most wedding garments have embellishments or hand finished and they are very difficult to now alter…(and also a further charge will occur)....

Finishing touches

The very last fitting is when you will need to bring along your shoes, undergarments, bra and veil (if this is a wedding dress) to see the final look. All of our Lovena Bridal gowns and dresses undergo a strict quality control checklist. We will send your custom wedding dress home in a garment bag and recommend you store it in a cool, dark place until your wedding day.

The completed dress


Frequently Asked Questions 

do I require a BOOKING FEE to book my date? 

A custom wedding dress takes between three to six months from your first appointment, through to the final fitting. 

How many fittings will I have?

Depending on your dress, you will have an initial appointment where we discuss the concept, followed by three to four fittings. Each gown is custom made, (is constructed in store) therefore additional fitting sessions are necessary to ensure a perfect fit. We want you to fall in love with the finished product!

Can I take pictures during my fittings?

Absolutely! Pictures are encouraged at any stage of the construction and designing process. 

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Each dress is custom quoted and you will need to settle a 50% deposit at the first appointment. The final payment is required in full after your gown has been completed….

What will I need to do to prepare for my dress fittings?

It is important to wear the undergarments(bra) - not BLACK that you intend to wear on your wedding day otherwise you risk altering the final fit of your wedding gown. We also ask that you do not wear makeup, perfume, fake tan, lotions or creams to avoid marking or staining your dress. Remember to bring along the shoes or heels you intend to wear on your wedding day so we can perfect the length of your dress. 

What happens if my weight fluctuates?

After the second fitting (this can range depending on when the wedding is taking place) we recommend you avoid changing your diet drastically. It is best to keep a steady weight in the leadup to your wedding day. Further alterations are not factored into the price of your custom dress, therefore they will attract an additional cost. Should you fall pregnant before your dress is completed, we will work with you to redesign your gown. 

cairns BRIDE

Kerinda K.

I went into the store having an idea of what I really wanted, and there were beautiful dresses on the racks however not what I was looking for and Narelle kindly showed me a dress she was about to order in which was EXACTLY what I wanted and took my measurements and ordered it to my size without obligation to it. I tried it on today and it’s absolutely perfect! Narelle and Chloe make you feel very comfortable and do not push items onto you! Both very friendly and take an genuine interest in you as a person not just another customer. Also very quick to respond to emails which is so important. Thank you both!

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